Business charts and office objectsSince the inception of our firm, we have worked with leading retirement plan providers and investment management firms to custom-tailor  projects to address their specific needs and objectives.

From market-entry studies, to product development and packaging initiatives, and studies aimed at increasing distribution, our focus is to on helping our clients achieve their specific business objectives.

Our research and marketing capabilities, leverage our extensive business background in this marketplace (on the provider side) and reflect our intensive, client-centric focus on helping our clients achieve measurable marketplace success.

In any project, we work closely with our clients to to identify their specific goals and concerns and custom craft an approach that uncovers the new and specific knowledge our clients needs to advance their business.

We are experienced in all aspects of the business process – from new business studies and in-depth market assessments – to formulating an effective and targeted approach to growing sales and profits, in a particular market segment – we can assist your firm along the product development, roll-out, strategy implementation and client satisfaction continuum, to help you take your business to the next level in this marketplace.

Our capabilities in this marketplace, draw from our extensive experience and background in this market, as a Vice President and business head for a leading financial services firm and our current consultancy practice, working with an array of insurance company and mutual fund firms and distribution partners, focused on growing share and profits in this marketplace.

Below you will find an illustrative list of our extensive research, marketing and operational capabilities in the retirement plan arena, which we look forward to applying to develop a custom-tailored project to address your specific needs:

  • Market-Entry and New Business Studies, focused on entering and growing market share (sales revenues) and profits in new markets and/or segments of the DC, DB and fast-growing investment-only/open-architecture retirement plan marketplace.
  • Product-Development and Packaging Initiatives, including in-depth market research studies to uncover distribution needs (current and emerging) in particular segments of the retirement plan marketplace, program design, distribution strategy & product positioning/promotion.
  • Distribution Strategy Development and Execution, including developing detailed strategic and operational plans for growing sales in the Third-Party Administrator and RIA (Advisor) marketplace as well as hands-on, tactical assistance in helping you execute these plans and significantly grow sales (revenues) in this marketplace.
  • Market Expansion and Growth Strategies, aimed in particular at taking advantage of opportunities in the fast-growing, Third-Party Administrator (TPA) and RIA (Registered Investment Advisor) markets.
  • Client and Distribution Satisfaction Studies.  From client satisfaction studies aimed at solidifying your current customer base to ongoing, periodic surveys of your distribution and alliance-partners satisfaction with your services, we will work with you to ensure that your approach to this market is connecting with your client and distributors, in a way that facilitates ongoing sales growth, with current and new customers.

We invite you to contact us further discuss your specific needs, issues and goals in this marketplace.  We look forward to speaking with you and thank you in advance for your interest in our services.